Do You Think You Can Beat The Casino?

For those of you, who have thought of foolproof betting systems, read on. As you should already know, there are no poor bookmakers or casinos. To put it simply, a bookmaker, makes the books. They are like accountants who grab their share by keeping the odds on their side.Back in 1654 mathematical genius and self employed shoeshine agent, Pascal, devised a gambling system to beat the dealer. This is the first recorded instance of probability theory. Previously gambling odds were a bit of a hit or miss.The system revolved around increasing each consecutive bet to cover the losses of the previous bets and make a little profit on top when the win finally comes through.. To this day people still think they can beat the dealer only to find out that they eventually hit the table limits before they win, losing the lot. That’s the reason for maximum betting.If someone wants to bet 10k on the spin of the wheel all day long, I’m sure the casino will accommodate. After all, they have about a 3% house edge but the table limits are set out to kill off Pascal’s advantage over the house.One of my friends seems to come up with elaborate betting schemes. When we go to the casino, I just escape to the bar. I do pretty well at blackjack and more often than not cover my night but I never see casinos as a get rich quick scheme. Well not since my college days when I was on a winning streak. Three months with my entourage. Money was cheap, I invited friends & family out on a daily basis, buying the food & drink off my regular winnings. Why three months? Well one fateful day I walked in and lost the lot. Well most of it. I kept enough to see me by for the rest of the college year & never went back to the casino for 2 years. Nowadays, I still feel confident at the blackjack tables but I just go to the casino for the atmosphere, the company, food & drink. I play within my budget and never leave the casino kicking myself because I lost x amount.My gambling strategy? I keep enough money for my food, drink & taxi home. I keep my gambling budget. When I win I throw money in the bar kitty. When my friend with the gambling systems wins, I take a % off him and give it back to him when we are leaving.
So if anyone wants to know if the latest fad roulette gambling system on the internet works. Ill tell you straight. No. Maybe back in 1654 when Pascal was polishing shoes, it worked but casinos know all about this theory and have countered it with their betting limits. Casinos are big business. Do you think they set table limit to $10k just to avoid going bust? Of course not. Their betting limits merely stop you from using Pascal’s Probability theory & taking the slight edge away from the house.The minimum bet is in place to stop you starting at $1 and using Pascal’s theory before you hit the $10k mark. They will set a minimum limit at say $250. Now the max is only 40 times larger than the minimum.Let’s use the x40 to emphasize how Pascal’s theory is doomed in today’s modern casinos.
Let’s double up the bets1 x 2 x 4 x 8 x 16 x 32 x 64Now the odds are in your favor to win a 50/50 in the first 5, but if you do not do it by the 6th bet you are busted.Now you can cross your fingers and walk into a casino and try this. Sure you will win. Hopefully you don’t think this is easy because when you lose you will lose more than you won with this system.I remember sitting in a casino & 13 reds in a row came up. I put $10 on black for the hell of it. Red came up. I put $20 on black on the next spin. Red came up. I quit there. Then the black came in. I just added that true example as to how it is too easy to get sucked in & before you know it, you are the sucker at the table asking the floor manager to increase the maximum table limits.My advice for anyone going to the casino to try out their new foolproof gambling system. Don’t… Casinos are big business for a reason. They have countered your formula before it has been written. Go out with friends, have fun. Count your gambling budget as the cost of the entertainment & you can just enjoy your time at the casino.

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Make a Living Playing Casino War

Remember that card game we all played as kids? War. Well most casinos now have a war table and the game is played the same way except that the fact we are betting on each card flip. If you look at the odds war is one of the fairest games in the casino today.With my strategy it is possible to make a living playing this simple game as long as you follow these rules and stay disciplined without greed get in the way. Greed is the casinos ultimate edge as most people who win money at a casino fail to walk away and end up losing it back plus sometimes more.First thing you want to do is practice. By practicing you will build the confidence you will need to bet upwards of $640.00 a hand to win a small profit. It will also help you see how profitable this system can be if the strategy is followed as outlined.1. You will need $1,000 cash to start.2. Find a casino that has war where the minimum bet is $10.00 or below and the maximum bet is at least $1,000. If you can’t find one then don’t use this system.3. Make sure there are at least 2 other people playing besides your self.4. Never wager more then $10.00 per hand as you need a low starting bet to be able to double your bets when you lose. If you start at $10.00 you will be able to double your bet 7 times before going over the maximum bet of $1,000 at most casino in the United States. When you practice see how many times you lose 7 times in a row.5. If you win only keep on betting $10.00. If you lose double your next bet. Keep doing this until you win. It is very, very, rare to lose more then 5 or 6 times in a row. Please keep in mind that it takes guts to bet upwards of $640.00 to just win a $10.00 profit.6. Always surrender ties and then increase you next bet by the amount you lost. Example: You wagered $80.00. You were dealt a tie. You surrendered $40.00 to the casino. On your next bet you would wager $200.00. This includes doubling your bet from $80 to $160 then adding the $40.00 you surrendered to the house.7. Once you have profited $100.00 walk away from the table for about an hour. Go get something to eat then come back to play a little more.8. Leave the casino once you profited $200.00 for the day.9. Don’t get greedy.10. Practice, practice, practice.Most casinos use 6-8 decks. I suggest practicing with no less then 6 decks. Shuffle all the cards together. Then deal out 4 cards face up. The first card you deal represents the dealer’s hand. The fourth card represents your hand. The other two cards represent mock players. Did you win? Lose? Or tie?If you win great job. If you lost play again. If you tied you know have to go to war. Deal 3 cards face down to your hand and then flip the fourth. Do the same for the dealer. If you won great, if not its just practice anyway. Once you get the hang of it grab some pennies or poker chips to simulate bets. Each penny or chip will have a value of $10.00. When you lose place your chip in the dealers pile. When you win take one. Keep doing this until you win $200.00.Casino war is a fun game to play and the odds of winning are great but please keep in mind that in the long run the casinos always win and that you should not count on income from gambling to pay your bills and never count on your bill money to pay for your gambling.