Saturday, 12 September 2015

Download Show Box on BlackBerry – Watch Movies

Movie streaming for free is made possible by the developers of Showbox but it is limited to android users officially so being a BlackBerry user how would you watch and stream videos online? This has been a reason of discussion in our team and we realized many users are asking for tweak to install ShowBox on BlackBerry Phones.

This tutorial will tell you the trick to download and run Showbox.Apk on blackberry phones. This tutorial is limited to following blackberry devices- Q10, Q5, Z30, Z10, 9983, 9982, Passport and Latest Release with OS 10.2 and above.

Use ShowBox on BlackBerry 10

  1. You need to go in the settings > click on App Manager > Select Install Programs and “Turn on ALLOW APPS FROM OTHER SURCES TO BE INSTALLED”
  2. Now you need to download and install the Showbox APK for Blackberry Phones by simply opening the browser from the below given links -
  1. Now you have finished downloading the SHOWBOX.APK file, click on it to open and initiate the process of installation.
That’s It! From today onward free movies and TV shows are available to stream online using the SHOWBOX APP for Free.

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Download Show Box APK for Android Devices

Showbox, An app that allows you to stream movies, videos and TV shows for free, an app that has gained immense popularity between the android users is not available on Android app store due to some copyright reasons but we are here in this post sharing the official updated Showbox apk file.

To download and install the Show Box APK for Android phone simply follow the below stated steps and watch movies online for free.

Download the Show Box APK

To download the Show Box latest update APK file can be downloaded from following link-

Previous version of Showbox.Apk: Show Box 3.84 APK | Mirror link #1

Now you can stream any movie and TV shows online that too free of cost, now its time to save money that you’ve been wasting watching movies by paying huge bucks.

For any query related to installation please leave your queries in the comment box below. Do not forget to say thanks.

Show Box on Your Mac Devices

In my last post I shared the trick to watch free movies and TV shows online with the help of Showbox for Android and PC but then I realized this extremely awesome app should be available for Mac and iOS device users too, so I did a little research to figure out how to download and install Shobox on a Mac computer or laptop.

This guide of mine going to help every apple mac book users, now you can watch any movie and TV show online on your mac devices that too free of cost just by following the below given guide.
Basically showbox is an android application however we can use an Android emulator to run it on mac devices the very same way we used in our last tutorial which tells how to install Show Box on Your windows PC.

Install Show Box on your Apple Mac OS X

  1. Your first step is to download Genymotion Mac OS X 64 bit (The website will ask you to register as a user)
  1. Install the Genymotion emulator (Do not install Genymotion Shell)
  2. The third step require you to install the Virtual Box for Mac from the following link:
  1. Click on the Genymotion icon and log on to your account first
  2. Click on “ADD” to initiate the process of Adding a virtual device (choose any device with 1080*1920 resolution and 4.4.4 release or later version)
  3. Now run the virtual device by Double Click.
  4. Here comes the major step, you need to add the Show Box .APK file in this device by downloading it from the following link:
  1. To add the Shobox.apk file simply drag it in the virtual device.
  2. The app will ask you to update so follow the command.
  3. Here now you need to go in ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Unknown Sources’
  5. Now again click on the showbox and ‘Update’ it to run.
Now you can stream any movie and TV show for free on your MAC OSX device for free.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Showbox App Download for Windows & Mac PC - Watch Movies for Free Online

Board of Netflix, Hulu or Youtube? Well, someone can’t get bored of all these applications as they have tons of stuff to binge watch! But I know what you are bored of, you are bored from the bills of all of these services. I know that YouTube is a free service but I am talking about YouTube Red, so practically you have to pay for that as well! Moving ahead good things often come with a bad thing. With good entertainment, you need to pay a good amount of money too! And money is not supposed to be wasted on these things, money is meant to be blow up on strippers, hookers and not for Netflix, NOT AT ALL!

Before starting this tutorial i would like to put something in your notice, Showbox promotes piracy; this is the reason it's not available in the google play store. Since piracy is a crime and it nabs both who provides the content and viewers so you might encounter legal action if caught using the Showbox app, and you might end up paying huge penalty or imprisonment however I will guide you to the tutorial due to huge demand of our readers. Additionally you can simply use Lucky Patcher App as a solution to all your queries.
Lucky Patcher is a revolutionary app allowing users to bypass any in-app purchases, licenses and premium features. I have tested it on Netflix and as well as on the Amazon Prime App, and now i am able to access all the premium features including T.V series' like Arrow another movies.

“But if I won’t pay for Netflix then what will I watch?” 

I know that’s the question you have in your mind. Well, rejoice as today I am going to share an application that will help you to stream HD movies and other video content for free! NO NOT TORRENTS! I am talking about Showbox!

Showbox is an android app that helps you to stream HD movies as well as TV shows that too for free. Since the time I met Showbox, my life has totally changed. I am saving big bucks every month that were earlier used to pay the bills of Netflix and other shitty paid services. But now with the help of Showbox.

The sad part is that Showbox is only available for Android device. The more unfortunate part is that this free movie watch apk is not even available in the Play Store! As a result, you have to side-load it to your phone and then install it. But watching movies as well as TV shows on a small 5-inch screen is not always a good idea. Thus, today I will even share how you can install Showbox on your PC! 

Showbox is an android and ios based app that gives you access to free movies, shows and TV series online, you can download Showbox app on your Android and iOS enabled devices like mobiles phones and tablets, if you’re a Windows laptop or computer users then don’t worry we have a simple tweak that will help you in accessing free movie shows online just by following a few steps shared in this guide.

To get Showbox on your PC, you need to have an Android Emulator. You can get Android Emulator by downloading BlueStacks, but it is a bit tedious process. And Instead of that, you can use Showbox on your PC within Google Chrome itself! All you have to do is to download some extensions and a few other things. Here is the detailed process to do so:

Showbox App for Windows and Mac PC- 

•    Make sure that you have Google Chrome on your PC 
•    Now go to the app store of Google Chrome and search for ARC Welder extension. Add it to your browser.
Fig- Adding ARC Welder app for Chrome

•    Once you add ARC Welder, open a new tab and go to the apps of the browser
ARC Welder Extension Icon.

•    Now open ARC Welder, it will ask you to create a directory, click on ‘choose’ and select the directory. This is where all the app data will be stored.
Selecting ARC Welder to Install Showbox
Img- Dialogue appear when open ARC welder

•    Now download the Showbox APK - Show Box APK Download

•    Go to ARC Welder and then click on add APK and then select Showbox APK.
Adding Showbox to ARC Welder

•    Now click on test.
Test App

•    Voila! There you have Showbox running on your PC!

•    To open it in future, just open chrome and then head to apps to open Showbox.

Still Confused? 

This Video Explains - How to Install Showbox on PC with the Help of Chrome 

Now since you have Showbox on your PC, you can enjoy HD movies without burning a hole in your pocket! Thanks to me!